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  • Prasna Devi

Tax Crimes In Malaysia│What Tax Offences Should You Avoid

Are you ready for a question which will test your integrity? 🔥

Here we go - have you ever considered not paying your taxes? Perhaps you considered “forgetting” to file your taxes, or to report a lower income, or to simply overclaim the amount of tax relief you’re eligible for 😏

If you have (even the slightest thought) on that, please DO NOT ever act on it. Why? Because if you are found guilty of tax offences, you could get punished with a fine, imprisoned or both! 🚨👮🏻

Now, let’s take a look at the different types of tax offences, punishments and approaches for non-compliance in Malaysia.

For a peace of mind to ensure you are always compliant with the current tax laws and not commit any tax crimes, you can count on us. We provide professional services and advices on all tax matters. 📲

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