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e-Filing Submission Deadline - 15th April 2021

#PSA You have just 4 days left to file your personal taxes❗️

Now, the most dreaded question: Have you declared your earning to LHDN and claimed your tax reliefs? If you have done so, good job 👍🏻 and if you have not, stop procrastinating and remember to get it done before the deadline! The clock is ticking ⏰

P.S.: If you miss the tax deadline but you are due for a refund, the gov is happy to hold on to your money, interest-free 🤣 but think about what you could have done with that extra cash!

Don’t delay any longer! Head on over to to file your taxes! 💰

Reach out to us via 📲 if you require any assistance with filing your taxes.

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