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  • Prasna Devi

Tax Specialist Training Diary: Personal Tax Relief & Strategies

Do you agree that in life, TAX is one of the things that you can’t run away from 😅

🧾 Income tax is compulsory by law and every year, the amount that you pay differs based on your total taxable income and tax reliefs that you claim. No doubt it can get rather confusing 🤔 If you are a corporate company looking for a tax specialist to conduct training for the employees this tax season, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via 📲 We cover a vast range of topics that could be tailored to suit your needs 👍🏻

Here is a recap of the topics covered during “Personal Tax Relief & Strategies” session for Mediabrand Agency:

  1. Registering a tax file

  2. What is the process of getting a pin number?

  3. When will you be eligible/qualify to file a tax return?

  4. How to fill up the Form BE in summary?

  5. Available reliefs in 2020

  6. Deadlines and penalties for incorrect/late returns

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